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The Amazing Potential of WVFA

At a few minutes before noon on a typical Friday, northbound long-haul trucker David downshifts as he approaches the busy cloverleaf where I-89 and I-91 intersect. He touches the “scan” button on his radio, and the digital readout changes to “90.5 FM” as uplifting inspirational music fills the cab. At the nearby discount food store a young mother finishes buckling in her toddler and turns the key on her mini-van to be calmed by the same music as she eases into the traffic. Proprietor Dan, who has carried out her groceries, waves from the door as he returns to his office where the same song is playing on the radio. Just down the block, Alan turns on his car radio to listen to the same station as he runs a few lunchtime errands after his morning stint at the bank. A few blocks away at her dog-grooming salon, Sally finishes a client’s poodle as Christian music plays on the shop radio. Across the White River, Carolyn tunes in while driving to her noontime exercise regimen. Over in New Hampshire, Martha is driving down Route 12A after morning volunteer work at the local pregnancy center and switches on her van radio as she negotiates busy traffic at the plazas. Closer to downtown Lebanon, Linda stocks the shelves between customer visits at the local Christian bookstore with the radio playing softly in the background. At a downtown mall barbershop, the barber listens to upbeat music as he brushes off a customer after a haircut. At a local senior housing complex, an elderly widow removes a can of soup from her cupboard to heat it for lunch with her under-shelf radio playing. A package-service driver finishes his last delivery before lunch and turns on the van radio. A pastor wraps up his preparation of Sunday’s sermon with Christian radio on the boom box in his study.

What do all of these people, representing various walks of life have in common? They, along with over 80,000 others in what has been termed the “Lebanon Micropolitan Region” can now listen to WVFA in their cars, homes, and workplaces. The station has gained a loyal following since signing on in February of 2004, and many are amazed, in the words of one underwriter, “how much can be done with so little.”

Since its inception (and the station’s history that can be traced back over more than 25 years depending on how one chooses to do it), WVFA has endeavored to fulfill its mission statement: “Linking the Vital and Diverse Communities of the Upper Valley with a Refreshing Message of Hope.” This takes place in many ways. Pastors and Church leaders are encouraged to think of WVFA as an extension of their Church Staff, visiting the sick in nursing homes and hospitals, comforting the lonely through the hours of the night, faithfully publicizing Church services and activities, and doing all of the above 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with never a bill for services rendered. Community non-profit organizations have come to trust WVFA to get word of their events, activities, and fundraisers to the listening audience through dozens of minutes of free public service announcements every broadcast day. Local business owners have found WVFA to be an effective way of getting their names and business descriptions out to WVFA’s listeners. Community leaders have become aware of WVFA’s willingness to feature important people and issues on the CrossTalk Live! discussion and interview program aired alternate Sunday evenings. How can WVFA serve YOU?

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