Our Parent Organization

WVFA is a non-commercial educational FM station licensed by the FCC to serve  Lebanon, NH and surrounding communities, including the other “core towns” of the Upper Valley region: Hanover, Hartford, Enfield, and Norwich.
Our parent organization and FCC licensee is the Green Mountain Educational Fellowship, Inc. “GMEF”, a not-for-profit Vermont corporation whose purpose is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in Vermont and neighboring states through use of radio broadcasting and associated media.  GMEF has offices in Hartford, VT with the studio and transmission facilities at two separate locations in Enfield, NH.
GMEF’s mission statement for WVFA is
“Linking the Vital and Diverse Communities of the Upper Valley with a Refreshing Message of Hope”.
WVFA is committed to working with area churches and community organizations to enhance the spiritual and social well-being of individuals and families in the “Lebanon NH/VT Micropolitan Statistical Area” comprised of dozens of towns and over 168,000 people in the bi-state Connecticut River Valley region of VT and NH.  Currently WVFA is not streaming its signal on the Internet due to copyright restrictions which would add over $2,000 per month to WVFA’s budget (based on average on-line listenership of 100 per song x $.002 per song per hit x approx. 9,000 songs/month).

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