Joe Home India

Joe Home India is an orphanage supervised by Rebecca and Syam Mani that provides shelter to approximately 25 orphans whose parents died of Aids. The orphanage is located near Guntur, India.
Recently the orphans were told they had to leave their simple one floor apartment by November 1st.
With land donated by a Hindu community president and monies from the medical friends of a former orphan woman, they began construction of a permanent orphanage nearby.
Construction money ran out at the point when the roof needed to be constructed. The cost of the roof is estimated to be 1400 us dollars, although other fixtures inside the building would require more money.
The orphanage is looking to the Lord Jesus Christ for help and God’s people. Joe Home India is a Christian orphanage and they are a people of faith.

For more information and/or a brochure, write:

Joe Home India
PO Box 88
Hartford VT 05047

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