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MOST RECENT UPDATE: September 30, 2017 [Newest Articles *]
* PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: “The Hope Line” with Dawson McAllister – we’re sorry to have to report that the final broadcast of “The Hope Line” on WVFA and all other radio stations aired on September 30.  The decision to cancel the over-the-air release of “The Hope Line” was that of the program’s producers and not the management of WVFA. “The Hope Line” will continue to be available on Smart phones and other devices; for info log onto

WVFA is in communication with Trinity Broadcasting Network about the possibility of our airing an audio feed of the new “Huckabee” program which begins October 7 on TBN.  The program is primarily released for its visual appeal, but we believe the music and interviews with Mike Huckabee’s guests would still be of benefit to WVFA’s listeners. We’ll keep you informed about any progress in this direction as well as of the final decision by TBN’s management.

By the way, WVFA’s program schedule was last updated on August 26 – we’ll update it again with recent changes.

  • “THE SIGNAL” newsletter has recently been published and is currently being mailed – if you didn’t receive a copy by early April and want to be added to our mailing list, please call or write to our office.
  • The March 2017 issue of “THE SIGNAL” newsletter has been mailed and is posted on this website.  It includes an introduction to WVFA’s on-air and behind-the-scenes staff and GMEF’s Board of Directors.\
  • “Program of the Month” for March and April is “Christian Perspectives”, new program with John Parsons replacing “Eagle Forum Live” which ceased production in 2016 following the death of Phyllis Schlafly.  It can be heard Sundays at 4 PM with a repeat broadcast Saturdays at noon [in “Eagle Forum Live” slot].

SCHOOL VACATION WEEK SPECIALS: For the second year in a row, WVFA presented the seven-part drama, “Treasures of the Snow”, based on the book by Patricia St. John.  The series began on Christmas night and each evening [just after the news and information break] concluding on New Year’s Eve.  During February winter break, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” from “Chronicles of Narnia” from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre was the featured school vacation week special.  During the week preceding Easter “Titus, a Comrade of the Cross” will be featured each evening, along with other special programs outlined in the following article, so listen and enjoy!

  • “Titus, a Comrade of the Cross” Monday-Friday following the 8 PM news and information break.
  • “Heaven, How I Got Here” [a story of the repentant thief on the cross] Fri., Sat, Sun. at 2 PM and 3 PM.
  • “The Women of Easter” [based on a book by Liz Curtis Higgs] Monday – Friday at 6 PM – vignettes will run on Tuesday and Thursday, and entire programs will run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Brooklyn Tabernacle Easter Radio Special – Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, noon and 4 PM, Saturday at 4 PM, Easter Sunday at 9 AM and noon

WHY WAS I STILL HEARING CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON WVFA?  Unlike most stations, we didn’t quit “cold turkey” the morning after Christmas, but we continued throughout the traditional “12 Days of Christmas” [which began on Christmas day and continued until the Feast of Epiphany, January 6, which was also Orthodox Christmas observed].

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: “The Valley’s Best Christmas Music” – Every year we pride ourselves in offering   what we feel is the best selection of Christmas music on local radio, mixing great quality with ample variety.  Not only will you hear Christmas albums by Christian artists, but we’ve also blended in carefully-screened vocal and instrumental music by well-known “secular” artists.  You’ll have to tune elsewhere if you want to hear “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, but if you want wholesome uplifting seasonal music that places the focus on the real “Reason for the Season”, WVFA is the place to be.  In addition to traditional carols you’ll hear the songs you enjoyed growing up.  Not only does WVFA have great music, but we have a whole selection of special Christmas programs which will air from December 23-25, including brand new productions never before aired on WVFA.  In all of our Christmas programming there’s an element of outreach toward those who need special encouragement.

*THANK YOU for remembering WVFA in your year-end giving – the winter months are always a challenging time for us, and we’re grateful for the ongoing generosity of our individual, family, business, and church underwriters. If you’ve never given to WVFA before and would like to start donating toward operating expenses, thanks so much!

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: “GUIDELINES with Harold Sala” – Bill Wittik’s relationship with “Guidelines” goes back approximately 30 years to when he and Dan Parker were co-producing “THE POWER & LIGHT COMPANY” which aired Sunday mornings at 6:30 on WNHV, “a Godly program at an ungodly hour”.  Guidelines was a regular feature of that program, and Dan and I were featured in one of their monthly magazines.  The program continues to be well-produced, Biblically sound, and a great blessing to listeners; it airs at approximately 2:30 [AM and PM].

SONGTIME CONFERENCE: Bill and Carolyn Wittik were privileged to attend the Songtime Conference on Cape Cod September 9-10.  Bryan Chappell was an excellent speaker and Michael Faircloth and Krista Wells were the musicians.  I had the privilege of attending Krista’s workshop on encouraging young artists as well as one presented by the Pocket Testament League.  Next year’s conference has been announced September 8-10, 2017 with Stuart Briscoe as the keynote speaker and Fernando Ortega as featured musician.  Early registrations will receive a substantial discount.  For more information call 508-362-7070 or e-mail  By the way, no WVFA funds were used to cover the expenses for Bill and Carolyn to attend this year’s conference.

A LOSS TO THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT: We just became aware of the death of Phyllis Schlafly at age 92.  Phyllis was the founder of Eagle Forum, a respected and reputable conservative voice, and commentator. She produced a daily radio spot as well as the weekly Eagle Forum Live.  Eagle Forum Live has been in re-runs for the past few months.  We’re waiting to hear if production of the program will be continued under a new host.

THERE’S STILL TIME TO ATTEND THE SONGTIME CONFERENCE! The conference will convene September 9-11 at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, MA.  Keynote speaker is Dr. Brian Chappel and the musicians will be Krista Wells and Michael Faircloth.  Attendance at the conference is free, but you’ll be on your own for meals and lodging.  Backup rooms may still be available.  For information call 508-362-7070 or e-mail

PROGRAMS OF THE MONTH: UNSHACKLED and FREE INDEED – both of these are produced by Chicago’s Pacific Garden Mission.  In the early 1960’s I first became acquainted with the program on WFME in Newark, NJ. Back then the host was Jack O’Dell, who would open each program with the question: “How do you do?  Mind coming with us?”  Lucille Becker was the organist and the format was straight out of the early 20th century.  Now in the 21st century the dramatic program has a timeless appeal.  Unshackled airs 7:30 AM and PM on Saturdays, and Free Indeed, a two-minute daily testimonial, may be heard at 11:30 AM and PM each Monday through Friday.

DOES SOMEONE YOU KNOW NEED A RADIO?  A little-known aspect of WVFA’s outreach is free provision to listeners of quality used AM/FM radios which we acquire from local thrift stores.  This outreach began in 2011 as we became aware that some people in flood-prone areas almost missed key weather alerts about Tropical Storm Irene.  The radios are fully tested and in like-new condition but are not guaranteed to receive WVFA everywhere.

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: SONGTIME USA – this magazine-style program, now in its second half-century, is produced on Cape Cod and hosted by Adam Miller, who has updated the approach of founder and longtime host Dr. John DeBrine while keeping intact the doctrinal integrity and basic philosophy of the ministry.  He interviews well-known speakers and authors and serves up generous portions of carefully-chosen hymns and worship music.  Adam is assisted by producer/engineer Mark Schrauger in putting out an excellent daily broadcast, which WVFA airs during the 7 AM and 7 PM hours seven days a week.  For more information log onto

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: JANET MEFFERD TODAY – WVFA has entered into an arrangement with AMB-OS to air this one-hour program weekdays at 1:00 PM Monday – Friday and 1:00 AM Tuesday – Saturday.
This is a different program from “The Janet Mefferd Show” which aired daily on WVFA for three months several years ago. While we have no intention of making WVFA a “talk” station, we believe this will add variety to our schedule as well as dealing with several critical issues during this extremely pivotal year in our nation’s history.

EAGLE FORUM LIVE: WVFA has found it necessary to substitute archived past broadcasts for the live airings of this broadcast because Eagle Forum has been searching for a new distribution platform owing to the fact that Bott Broadcasting will no longer be hosting and distributing the program each Saturday from 12:00-1:00 PM ET.

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: “The Gospel Greats” with host Paul Heil airs 5:00-7:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday – this is America’s most popular Southern Gospel music and news program. Local underwriting support is needed if WVFA is to continue airing this program. Full support is $30.00/week, and partial support is $15.00/week. We need to hear from listeners as to whether they listen regularly and whether this program should be continued.

DAWSON MCALLISTER has recorded a series of promotional clips and liners for “THE HOPE LINE”. Listen for them!

GOOD NEWS FROM MINNESOTA! Mount Zion Radio has received a construction permit for a low power FM station on 107.9 MHz FM in Bemidji, MN with tentative call sign KMZX-LP. Timothy Wittik assisted them in Fall of 2014.

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: “The Hope Line” with Dawson McAllister and Sara Lee – this three-hour weekly “live” call-in program for teens and early Millenials [through age 29] airs Saturday nights from 9 PM to midnight. Dawson was the host of a similar program which aired on the SkyLight Network in the 1990’s. The issues he deals with have become much more complex. The reason we say the program is “live” is that interviews with callers are pre-recorded the previous week to give an opportunity for immediate resolution of their needs.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD is an outreach of Samaritan’s Purse – each year millions of shoeboxes are sent to needy children, most of them in Third World countries, but some right here in our own United States. It has been our privilege to work with the local drop-off center at West Lebanon Baptist Church, 114 Seminary Hill in West Lebanon for a number of years. Shoebox collection week is November 15-23. Call the church at 603-298-8917 for collection hours, which vary daily. For information on how you can prepare a shoebox for a needy child, including items to include and items not to include in a shoebox, go to

WVFA is privileged to be able to publicize Thanksgiving and Advent season activities of local churches and organizations which help to make the season brighter for those less fortunate as well as those who reach out to help them. Consider volunteering and even attending one of the many church Christmas bazaars which raise needed funds to help the churches assist people in their respective communities throughout the year. While we’re on the subject, WVFA will be airing what we feel is the best Christmas music selection in the Valley as well as some great Christmas specials, starting up gradually beginning on Thanksgiving weekend.

PROGRAM OF THE MONTH: “MUSIC FOR A SATURDAY AFTERNOON” – This 3-hour eclectic music program hosted by WVFA General Manager Bill Wittik features the music of dozens of artists over approximately 3 decades spanning the 1980’s through the present. It’s modeled after one of Bill’s longtime favorites, a program of the same name that ran from the late 1960’s through the mid-1970’s on the Family Radio Network hosted by Ed Lewis. “MFASA” featured a lot of then-contemporary music that was “cutting edge” for its time, but mostly inspirational-MOR. A lot of “contemporary” Christian music of the day was of the “Gospel folk” genre, featuring such artists as Reba Rambo, Jonathan and Charles (Christianity’s answer to Simon and Garfunkel), and Ralph Carmichael. Like the original version, today’s “MFASA” is unpredictable, juxtaposing various musical styles and genres. It’s a great program to listen to either at home or while you’re running around town shopping or performing errands. While Bill doesn’t take requests in “real time” he’ll do his best to work your favorites into future programs.

WVFA has a new neighbor on the local airwaves! WFTF-FM in Rutland, formerly our co-channel neighbor on 90.5 MHz, will be changing its frequency to 90.9 MHZ and moving its tower to Pico Peak in Mendon to reach into our area. There should be no interference between the two stations on most radios – if you receive any, tell us. WFTF, part of the Light Radio Network, features the contemporary music of Air 1, a California-based operation. It’ll give listeners seeking that type of music another listening option. Obviously we hope you stay with us!

Green Mountain Educational Fellowship, Inc., licensee of WVFA-FM had filed an application with the FCC for a minor change which will increase the station’s Effective Radiated Power [ERP] from 12 to 15 watts using existing omnidirectional antenna pattern on the existing tower on Shaker Mountain in Enfield, NH. LATE BREAKING NEWS: Our application was granted 7/10/2015! We immediately raised our transmitter output power sufficiently to raise our ERP to 15 watts. There will be some improvement in reception in our primary listening area – places with previously marginal reception will notice improvement. Our “fringe” reception area will be pushed out possibly another mile or two. While this is not necessarily a dramatic change we are grateful for every opportunity to serve our audience better. We’re still working on a more comprehensive application for significantly higher power using a directional antenna array and want to be sure every aspect of it will pass FCC muster. As soon as details are available we’ll do our best keep our listeners informed.

WVFA STAFF ACTIVITIES: On September 23, three staff members from WVFA assisted the local Gideons camp with distribution of New Testaments to students and other members of the Dartmouth College community in Hanover.
On Sunday, September 27, Bill and Timothy Wittik represented WVFA at a combined memorial service for Don and Ruth Malcolm in Langdon, NH. Ruth passed away recently and was predeceased by Don earlier this summer. Don was better known to WVFA listeners as “Cuzin’ Isaac” and hosted “Gospel Songbook” on WVFA for eleven years. It was Don’s final wish that his extensive collection of Gospel and bluegrass CD’s would be donated to WVFA.

BROOKLYN TABERNACLE “PRAY” RADIO SPECIAL: Aired several times over Labor Day weekend, featuring the music of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s new “Pray” album under the direction of Carol Cymbala and great testimonies.

SATELLITE OUTAGE CORRECTED: On Sunday, June 28 we lost satellite reception and discovered the concrete base supporting the dish had shifted ever so slightly, causing communication with the satellite to be lost. Over the July 4 holiday weekend, temporary measures were put in place to restore reception, but not in time to air “Eagle Forum Live” or “The Hope Line”. We’re hoping to implement a permanent solution to ensure that such an incident [first one in 20 years] will not be repeated. A permanent “fix” was achieved in mid-August thanks to Thom Valley’s skillful operation of a small excavator to deposit some weight on base of the satellite dish.

MARK 209 IN CONCERT: MARK 209, based in the greater Nashville area and featured on “The Gospel Greats” was in concert at Living Waters Bible Church, 48 Wescott Road, Enfield, NH on Sunday, August 9 at 6:00 PM for their third annual Upper Valley appearance. Their ministry appeals to a broad spectrum of folks. All were welcome; a free-will offering was received. The concert was preceded by a free cook-out meal at 5:00 PM to which all were invited. “The Gospel Greats” may be heard each Saturday and Sunday from 5-7 PM on WVFA.

WVFA General Manager Bill, Carolyn and Timothy Wittik were privileged to attend the annual Songtime Conference in Hyannis, MA September 11-12, 2015.  By staying in the home of relatives on the Cape our cost for attending the conference was reduced to simply our travel expenses. The Rev. Mike Calhoun from Word of Life was the keynote speaker, sharing three excellent messages, and recording artist Steve Green was the featured soloist, presenting two free concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings which were very well attended.  Adam Miller, host of Songtime, gave the final message Sunday morning. Bill and Carolyn plan to attend next year’s conference as well, September 9-10 on Cape Cod. WVFA counts itself privileged to be an affiliate of the Songtime network.

“THE VALLEY’S FAITHFUL ALTERNATIVE” – We calculate that sometime in July WVFA surpassed 100,000 hours on the air! With the exception of less than 480 hours of downtime spread over the last 11-1/2 years [about two-thirds of which was attributable to an ice storm and a severe lightning strike], WVFA has attained an enviable 99.54% reliability record. For this we give glory to God and and thanks to our listeners and underwriters. “We’re the Valley’s Fresh Alternative”.

A ten-minute promotional video, “A Week in the Life of WVFA Radio”, has been produced to promote the station’s outreach to area churches.  If you’d like a free copy to show to your church or non-profit organization, please let us know and we’ll be glad to see that you get one.

“A Word With You”, featuring Ron Hutchcraft, has recently been added to WVFA’s schedule at the mid-hour breaks during the 4 AM and 4 PM hours Monday through Friday.  Ron Hutchcraft is the former director of New York City area Youth for Christ, and has an effective outreach based in Harrison, AR. Bill Wittik met Ron at SkyLight’s final affiliates’ conference in July 2005.

WFVA’s newest program offering is “The Hope Line” with Dawson McAllister airing Saturday evenings from 9:00-midnight. This live call-in program’s target audience is teens and early Millenials in their 20’s. After extensive technical set-up the program’s inaugural broadcast on WVFA was on June 20. Some of our listeners may recall when Dawson’s previous program was aired by the SkyLight Network and WGLV during the 1990’s. The program has been updated to be relevant to today’s audience.

WVFA expanded its outreach to the Midwest!  Timothy Wittik, Operations Manager, was temporarily on special assignment in Bemidji, MN where he helped MyLife Radio and Mt. Zion Church lay the groundwork for a new LPFM station – Timothy continued to program WVFA remotely while he was there, so listeners would notice no changes in the programs they heard – John Parsons is a longstanding friend of General Manager Bill Wittik and about a year ago discussions began as to how we could help this new effort come to fruition by applying our technical expertise and some lessons we’ve learned to assist MyLife Radio.  Bemidji is a city of slightly over 13,000 [the size of Lebanon, our city of license], and has a large state university whose enrollment rivals the undergraduate enrollment at Dartmouth.  Like Lebanon, Bemidji is a major hub of employment and commerce for an area stretching nearly 100 miles in any direction. We’ll keep you posted about developments at WVFA’s “sister station” in Minnesota!  Timothy returned to New England in late October 2014. LATEST NEWS FROM MT. ZION RADIO: Development of their station is on hold because of environmental concerns raised by First Nations [a/k/a Native Americans] tribes in Minnesota as to whether use of the historic school building for a roof-mounted antenna will violate historic preservation guidelines. We invite you to pray that God will grant wisdom to leadership of Mt. Zion Radio to help them negotiate this delicate process.

THE NEWS IS THE NEWS! As of midnight Sunday, July 6 [12:01 AM on Monday, July 7], WVFA’s news and information break has a slightly new sound – AP News was replaced by SRN News, and the Religion Desk was replaced by SRN Religion News – everything else is the same, including the GOOD NEWS VERSE.  We’re using a combination of satellite and FTP downloads as our delivery method.  A four-way partnership between SRN, MBN, NWM, and WVFA has been set up to achieve this change with minimal disruption to our listeners.  The cost of the new arrangement is less than what we had been paying, and we are always grateful for underwriting support toward the cost of providing this. The cost of providing hourly news represents approximately 1/8th of WVFA’s operating budget.

LATE BREAKING NEWS!! On Friday, March 28, WVFA received mail notification from the FCC that our license to broadcast on 90.5 MHz has been extended for another 8-year period.  We thank the Lord for this blessing – also our listeners who prayed and wrote positive comments to the FCC.  Now all we need to do is raise in excess of $120,000 to fund the station’s operation over the next 8 years, should the Lord delay His return until that time.  That seems like a lot, but fortunately it breaks into manageable increments of about $300 per week, every week. We’re asking for listeners to become underwriters and for occasional underwriters to become regular underwriters so this need can be met.  It seems like a large amount, but if we each give according to our ability it can be done!!

A RECENT NAME CHANGE FOR ONE OF OUR PROGRAM PRODUCERS: CBH Ministries [the initials stood for “Children’s Bible Hour”] recently announced a name change to “KEYS FOR KIDS MINISTRIES” [named for the “Keys for Kids” program heard each evening on WVFA].  They feel it more accurately describes what they offer to kids and families, including “Keys for Kids” and “Down Gilead Lane” [which WVFA has aired for over ten years].  KforK will be alternating airings of Down Gilead Lane and Red Rock series on Saturday mornings.

“MAY GOD BLESS THE GREAT WORK YOU’RE DOING” – Those words accompanied a donation recently sent to us for WVFA’s operating expenses.  Someone once said, “If you want to do something magnificent, do something small in a magnificent way.”  I recently shared with another broadcaster that WVFA does small-market radio in a big way, and it’s true.  Both the content and quality of our programming would be the envy of many larger stations. The story is told of a newspaper reporter whose assignment was to interview laborers on a construction project – he asked two skilled craftsmen what they were doing.  One replied, “Can’t you see I’m laying bricks?” and the other answered, “Can’t you see I’m sawing boards?”  Then he asked an unskilled laborer who handled menial tasks what he was doing, and that man proudly replied, “Sir, I’m building a great cathedral!”  He alone grasped the big picture! Every single day WVFA touches the lives of hundreds of folks, and only in eternity will we know the total results, so thank you for your prayers, interest, and financial support.  If I may say so, God bless the great work you’re doing!

DID YOU KNOW?  WVFA is one of only 75 stations across America airing Phyllis Schlafly’s “Eagle Forum Live” weekly one-hour live discussion and call-in program [heard during the noon hour on Saturdays].  The program deals with such subjects as judicial activism, Common Core curriculum, Obamacare and others from a reputable conservative viewpoint, featuring guests who are noted authorities in their fields.  Tune in and feel free to call in!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! WVFA is now 11 years old! The month of February marked the eleventh anniversary of WVFA’s sign-on on February 6, 2004. Those first few days were kind of hectic for us, as the phone company [Verizon at the time] had difficulty establishing WVFA’s studio-to-transmitter audio link, and the station had to operate on “Program Test Authority” using an auto-reverse cassette deck to play music continuously with station ID’s dropped in every hour. That first week did give us an opportunity to establish the range of the station by driving around to see where there was reception. Lots of things have changed with respect to technology over the last eleven years, but some things haven’t changed. We still value our listeners highly and WVFA is always in need of underwriting support. The months of January and February have historically been among the lowest for financial support and the highest for expenses.  Part of the reason for this is that our annual music licenses for ASCAP, SESAC, and BMI must be renewed each January for lump sum payments that have exceeded $1,400 for all three. It’s one of the responsibilities we incur for having a mostly-music format, but frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Perhaps you’d care to enclose a check for financial support – it would be most appreciated.  One thing that has been impressed on us is that others have given so our present audience can listen, and it would be good if all of our present listeners who can will give so future audiences may listen.  We aired a series of seven “WVFA Flashbacks” during the months of February and March 2014 to acquaint listeners with some little-known facts about WVFA’s early history.  We trust you found them both informative and inspiring to you.

WELCOME, GOSPEL GREATS!! This nationally syndicated Gospel Music program, produced by Paul Heil in Lancaster, PA, continues airing in early December on WVFA [5-7 PM each Saturday and Sunday]. This fills a need for more Southern Gospel Music on WVFA. We hosted several local Gospel concerts during 2013 in collaboration with the program. Stay tuned for schedules for concerts in 2014.  By the way, interim underwriting support for “Gospel Greats” is no longer provided, so long-term support must be raised to keep the program on the air.  Airing the program costs WVFA $30/week.  If your church or business would like to participate in underwriting the program, please call me at (802)295-9683 in the morning.

WEEKEND PROGRAM FEATURES: Don’t forget the half-hour feature “Daughters Nighttime” with Christine Wyrtzen and her daughter Jamie – it’s aired from 8:05-8:30 PM each Sunday – production was suspended but the show continues in reruns.  Each Saturday at noon, join host Phyllis Schlafly for “Eagle Forum Live”. WVFA is one of only 75 stations nationwide airing this live call-in show which competently presents a conservative viewpoint in the media.

ANNUAL RECEIPTS FOR GIVING WERE ISSUED in conjunction with a special issue of “The Signal” newsletter which contained our annual financial report and other news items.  If you didn’t receive a copy it’s on this site.

FINAL REPORT OF OUTAGE: WVFA has received a special gift which was used to purchase a new transmitter similar to our present one but with sufficient power output to handle any proposed increase in power to 300 watts ERP. Now that it is installed, our current transmitter was sent out for necessary adjustments and repairs, and returned to become our primary back-up. If God lays it upon your heart to assist with repair expenses from our July 4, 2012 lightning strike not covered by insurance, we’d be so grateful. You may send your check to WVFA at PO Box 126 in Hartford, VT 05047 – Thank you very much!

NEW TRANSMITTER HAS BEEN INSTALLED!  On Sunday, September 23, 2012 we installed our new 300-watt transmitter, which will operate at greatly reduced power [our present authorized power level is 12 watts ERP].  There have been a few “bugs” we’ve had to work out in consultation with the manufacturer, but the performance is now fully up to our high technical standards.  We’ll keep you informed of our progress, and thank you for your patience and understanding.  If God would lay it upon your heart to assist with any portion of the extraordinary one-time expense to accomplish this, we’d like to hear from you very soon.  We thank God for providing our new 300-watt transmitter. The performance of the two transmitters should be so identical that changeover will be seamless, except for a few minutes of downtime for the change.  We’re committed to operation at the highest technical standards – if you need technical assistance receiving WVFA indoors, see our Technical Support page.

SPECIAL EDITIONS OF “THE SIGNAL” NEWSLETTER GO TO PRESS: We’ve been impressed to publish several additional issues of “The Signal” newsletter and will be mailing them to everyone on our mailing list – we will also post it on this website – if you’d like to be added to our snail-mail list so you receive hard copies, tell us.  So far in 2013, there have been four issues published, and you can read them on this website or request a paper copy.

Christine Wyrtzen and her daughter began a new program of WVFA called “Daughters Nighttime” on Saturday, September 1 at 8:05 PM. This half-hour program is in addition to the regular “Daughters of Promise” feature heard seven days a week at 8:30 AM & 8:30 PM. We’re sorry to have to report that the final broadcast of “Word & Worship Weekly” on WVFA occurred Sunday, September 16 (9 AM & 6 PM) as the national distribution of the program has been discontinued. A new 2-minute feature by producers of “Unshackled” called “Free Indeed” has been added to our mid-hour features and will air at 11:30 AM & PM, paired with another existing program.

WVFA WAS OUT AND ABOUT IN THE UPPER VALLEY! The Valley Voyager, WVFA’s promotional van, visited two locations during September: The Glory Days Festival September 8 in downtown White River Junction, and the Community Carnival at the West Lebanon Congregational Church on September 15. We like to accept invitations to be on hand for your festival, fair, concert, or other high-profile event. We’ll give you extra promotional announcements, some right from your venue, and bring along promotional handouts and giveaway items to acquaint WVFA with potential listeners. If you’re interested in having us on-site for your special event [weekends preferred], call Bill Wittik at least two weeks in advance at (802)295-9683. The van will be sidelined until spring because snow and ice removal adversely impact the special window and body treatment and graphics.

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